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As I travel the state to speak with civic organizations, churches, and black leadership... Read More

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Several years ago, I met a smart, young woman who is a Republican. She was interning in Republican politics and was very hard working, articulate and outgoing. When she spoke to people about the Republican party... Read More 

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This is a Trumpian screed about how Black Republicans and conservatives are going to take the Democratic base from them. If you are triggered easily stop reading now. If you want to...Read More

Before this piece begins let me say emphatically: Atlanta is not a Black city due to its elected leadership. It’s Black because of its people. It is Black because of its entertainment. It’s Hip-hop clubs. Its restaurants and its beautiful sisters (I am a man). These are the things that make it a Black city. So if a white female mayor is elected, it will not stop being Black. No more than if you elect a gay Asian male as city council president it will be a gay or Asian city. No, Atlanta is a Black city culturally and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Now that being said,  ...Read More

the biggest lie politicians tell you amongst many others is the stadium will not be built or upgraded using tax payer money". then whose money will be used? If its collected by the municipality then its yours if you live in the municipality. Every dime collected by that area is yours-the tax payers. See its a language trick-it rental car tax. not yours. but if you collected it then it is mine and would have been used for something that might have benefited me more than a stadium upgrade. Start to fight back. the nation did now its your turn.

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I thought we defended our Black women. I guess we don’t anymore. I thought we celebrated when a Black man or woman rose themselves up from poverty and violence to be someone. I guess we...Read More

If Trump's rise from polling at one point 1% in the Republican primary to eventually... Read More

My frustration when I see black Americans vote and empower organizations that do not provide any support to the black community...Read More

I'm going put this right here: Georgia is changing. and Many elected officials who are incumbents are facing re-election races in demographically re-aligned areas would do themselves a service to start reaching out now to those who may be non traditional but correct. Going to democratic strategists in a belief that they "speak the language" is suicide. You know who you are.......

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New Orleans running back Mark Ingram said he and teammates Vonn Bell, Sterling Moore and B.W. Webb were ....Read More