All Politics are Local

Minister Louis Farrakhan came to Atlanta for the 21st Day of Atonement speech. This was a huge deal for Atlanta and especially Mosque #15’s Brother Shareiff Muhammad. To make it even more of a big deal, it was held at the sold out Fox Theatre. Now the I want to point out here that every space was filled with a brother or sister. The second level had folks everywhere. Lobby was filled with brothers talking business, making plans for next steps. Sisters were moving about with purpose and a job to do. What I did not see which you usually see  at other group conference and or major event-is that sense that everything and everyone is finely oiled machine and are all working to give the Minister the best possible chance to be effective. It is important that throughout these events it’s pushed hard that nothing goes wrong nd if it does the audience should never know. And we never saw, So that means this event was a well oiled engine. This engine roared early when the announcement came that it was prayer time. Muslims and Non-Muslims came to big room. The Muslim prayer was exquisite and so filled with a love of Allah. Pastor Derrick Rice of Sankofa United Church of Christ gave his prayer for all of us and closed it out with our standard “Jesus our African Revolutionary-Amen”.

Next up were Bro. Tony Muhammad and his friends who are helping to get the word out about vaccines. The point being made by the Anti vaccine crowd is one of the vaccines are poison. Not one of them are making the argument that vaccines are not necessary but that the CDC and its government masters are poisoning the vaccines. History tells us that this should not be thrown out so easily as conspiracies theory. It must be investigated more and we should not be so quick to believe the Government over doctors who have blown the whistle. Finally we got to the main event-Min Farrakhan and present Political Season. And my wait was not for naught.