fort-trump left

I attended Senator Vincent Fort’s event tonight with former Governor Roy Barnes and State Senator Steve Henson introducing Fort. These are some big hitters from the state house and gives Fort access to monies and donors. Fort is the sleeper. He is Trump Left. He upsets the apple cart. I think Barnes said it best when he said “I can’t wait to see the faces on people at city hall when Vincent Fort walks in as the new Mayor of the City of Atlanta”. What he meant was he could not wait to see the insiders and their reaction. This is why I called Fort-Trump Left.  He is nothing like Trump obviously in one million ways however he has the chance of shaking things up and raising issues that would not normally be raised. One of those issues is Decriminalization of Marijuana. I think this is a very important issue which speaks to criminal justice reform more than it speaks to legalization.

Mayor Reed endorses City Councilwoman Keshia Lance Bottoms: This was announced the same day as Fort’s event. No coincidence and it shows maybe the Bottoms camp sees Fort as more then a small threat. Keep coming back to this section regularly to hear more info on this exciting race.