Get out… for liberals Only

FLASH…. That’s for all of the Black liberals. Progressives, Democrats who should see Get Out. If you have not seen it, this is a spoiler alert.

The movie Get Out written and directed by Jordan Peele of Kay and Peele fame, came out last Friday to rave reviews and social media was filled with positive reviews. People loved it. However, I wonder if the people who loved it so much knew the movie was talking about them, their friends or their family. You see, if you are an African American liberal, progressive or Democrat (90% plus of you) then this movie was talking to you saying throughout  “Get Out, Nigga. Get out while you still can”. So I wanted to point out the areas where proof of my synopsis is clear:

Early in the movie, Rose acknowledges she has NOT told her parents that her boyfriend, Chris who is coming to meet them is Black. This is the liberal position that color does not matter. My parents don’t “care” about your skin color. Because to liberals, this would be racist. So early in the movie, we see the liberal white girl making the race a “non-issue”. Now, of course, this is ridiculous, as any family wants to know who their daughter is dating. Does he work? Did he attend college? How tall is he? Is he funny? Is he Black? Is he Jewish? All are perfectly normal attributes of a human being one should and could ask without being “racist”. The racist part comes in the reaction, not in the question.
The scene with the police officer is a telltale sign of liberalism. Chris quickly when asked turns his ID over to the policeman. Whether fair or not, he knows where he is and what is proper not only due to his race but due to fact that the policeman has the power (rightfully or wrongfully) to make his day go bad. So he quickly produces his “state issued ID”. What does the liberal do? NOT protect him. She does not say it's “wrong, ” she asks why? She then proceeds to not defend him but presents an argument that says he does not have to when he clearly does since the police asked for it. If he did not produce the ID, then he could have had his day ruined.  All because the liberal said, “he does not have to”.
Dean, the father, says he would have voted for Obama a third time IF HE COULD HAVE.  Well, I would give you one million dollars IF I COULD. This is the liberal mantra politically: Obama is great. Well, yeah he was for your causes and some which were not yours.  
Dad then says when told Chris smokes cigarettes that “smoking is a disgusting habit and my wife can cure you of it”. No, this is not a defense of smoking however, it’s pointing out that liberals are the ones who always know what is best for you and we can fix it. So the takeaway is that you black man, need my help to cure yourself of this awful habit. No different than when I cure you of your blackness since you have no use for it.
The scene at the party. Where the golfer says he knows Tiger.
Jim Hudson admitting that “they are disgusting” but they mean well. This is one more honest liberal telling an African American that yes they are snooty, rich white folks who are racist but they mean well. They don’t think they are racist so therefore, they cannot be racist. However, he is admitting to the brother, they are.  This implies that real racism is the unbeknownst kind, and is a completely liberal mindset. Say what you want to, racist conservatives are not hiding it and they are not interested in whether you know or not.
Georgina’s  response to The Chris when she admits she unplugged his phone. The sister in her is trying to tell him that it is bad here. She is trying to say “yo, these people mean you harm” however, Grandma states she moved cleaning his table (I messed it up but I was helping you) and I did not want to touch your stuff (after messing it up, I did not want to fix it). This is what liberals do. I want to help you whether I asked for it or not. Then when your help screws me up, then I refuse to fix it.
Walter, Georgina’s husband, after getting flashed, he returns from the “sunken darkness” only to find his wife dead, he is completely f…d up mentally and with no other options takes his own life. This is seriously the most underrated part of the movie. What would you do if you found out that the welfare state, the government, Black leadership propped up and paid to lead us  by liberals,  that all you have advocated and fought for was really destroying you? What would be your response? Looked at another way, what would your response be if you found out there were no God? Maybe not suicide, but it would take years and maybe decades to undo the damage.

The point here is to say that Get Out is a genius movie. It is along the same lines of D.R.O.P. Squad.  Same message: Liberalism is destroying us, lets see if we can get you all to GET OUT…