Let me begin by saying: this is not your grandmother’s boycott.
Let’s also agree that we do not want this boycott to become the Target, Walmart, Pepsi, State of Florida boycotts either. So let’s agree that we as a group really want our voices heard. So that being stated and agreed upon, here are the ways to make an impact and have your voice heard if you are to boycott the NFL.

  1. You must suspend your sports package on your cable operator. Cable networks, including the NFL receive carriage fees. These fees are paid to the networks from your cable bill. If you are not carrying the NFL network or ESPN or Fox on your cable then they get no fees from you. Advertising revenue is important but carriage fees are where the bulk of revenues are derived. So if we are to be successful, cut the cord of your sports package. Now if you are one to have basic cable which includes ESPN, then your job is to cut the cord completely.
  2. You must cut Sunday Ticket. This is a  huge NFL money maker and one of its most popular revenue streams. It has greatly improved AT&T’s customer base and increased the numbers of DirectTV customers on the whole. So in order to be effective with a boycott, you must cancel your Sunday Ticket. Now in order to maximize your effectiveness, it is best to cancel Sunday Ticket on one specific day either Saturday the week before the start of the regular season or that Sunday morning the week before. The reason for doing it all at the same time is to show a deep decline in revenue generating subscriptions at one time instead of spreading out over time. Cancellations done piecemeal will be seen as part of doing business-customers come and go. However, canceling all at once or over a short period clearly shows intent and decrease due to some outside force or issue.
  3. All fantasy leagues and office pools must be cut and you must not participate. Fantasy Leagues are revenue generating as they force one to watch and follow. Also, depending on the web site you are using to manage your league, you are generating clicks and revenue for that entity. If it's ESPN or CBS or Fox then you are definitely giving money to the NFL, as they all pay the NFL to carry games.
  4. Bars and restaurants all now carry Sunday Ticket. So if you go to a Bar/restaurant to watch games or just have a meal, you are indirectly giving money to the NFL. As the bar/restaurant is paying for DirectTV and you are paying them for your food. So if a bar/restaurant sees a decline in football fans coming to view they will cut Sunday Ticket as it's not doing what it's supposed to do-drive traffic to the establishment on Sundays and some Saturdays.
  5. Game day attendance-Do does not give up your season tickets, sell them per game to others at a high price. If you are going to boycott, you cannot go to games. Ticket sales are split between all teams, so if you buy a ticket, you are paying a portion to the very teams who would not sign Kap. And you are paying the NFL. However, if you can resale each game day ticket, you are at least recouping your money plus profit off of the NFL. That’s capitalism.
  6. Call your Congressman or woman and tell them you will NOT be voting in the midterms unless the NFL is made to be a for profit entity and release their books. I personally am less concerned with Trump’s tax returns than I am with the NFL’s true revenues and their financial commitments to the communities they serve. For example, let’s say the NFL gives 10 Million a year to NFL cares. That sounds great but what if you found out it was just 2% of total revenues? In municipal races, let the candidates know that you want them to sign a pledge that NO municipal revenues will be used for upkeep, building, or enhancing of a stadium, areas around a stadium or additions to an area around a stadium.
  7.  Finally, sports talk shows, websites, media outlets must refrain from discussing ANY and ALL NFL related scores, highlights or other stories. It makes no sense to boycott the NFL or its teams and then listen or watch talkers talk about great plays last night that happened in the game. Also, it makes no sense to boycott something and continue to click on stories and commentary about the entity you are boycotting. In other words, If you cut ESPN, Steve A is affected. But there are unintended casualties in every war.

Now, these things make for an effective boycott of the NFL. Without doing ALL of the above, all we are doing is shouting on social media until the next “outrage” comes along. So recognize that this is not going to be as easy as Not riding the bus.

How to EFFECTIVELY boycott the NFL