in defense of our sister omarosa 

I thought we defended our Black women. I guess we don’t anymore. I thought we celebrated when a Black man or woman rose themselves up from poverty and violence to be someone. I guess we don’t anymore. It is a sad state of affairs in our culture when an Amber Rose who sells “slut walks” to young girls as empowerment can be more respected than a woman who has become a minister, and Chaplain and now advisor to the most powerful man on Earth-The President of the United States.

I am enraged and saddened by how we as a people who see ourselves as victims, as put upon, as demeaned by a Nation would not see Omarosa Manigault as the shero that she is. But let’s for second say she is not that. Let’s for a second see her only as a Senior Advisor to the President. A President many of you feel is racist and as Auntie Maxine says is  “surrounded by the KKK”. Why would you minimize her? Why would you demonize her? Why, strategically, would you not embrace her and protect her since she is your only voice of reason? Why? Because you don’t really believe what you believe. Because if you did, you would clearly see her as an ally. You would speak to her to have your concerns heard by the President. But you diss her. You celebrate when an African American Association of Journalists crucify her at the behest of the Democratic Party. What has she done? Take a job? A job which puts her in the position to present your ideas, your problems to be fixed to the man who once told you that he would “fix the problems”. It makes no logical sense. It makes no strategic sense. The true test of success is not getting what you want from those who like you but getting what you need from those who don’t like you. How are you supposed to get what you need if you are willing to throw your voice away? You will not. Now at this point you will make the argument that you will not get anything anyway. Well, so be it. But God Dam, shouldn’t you at least try?

Omarosa should be celebrated by all who wish their children the best not scorned as if she stole something. But alas, we celebrate those who have done nothing and have no power except be on television fighting, pulling hair, and sleeping around. These are the sheros we love. These are the women our daughters celebrate. But they hear you call Omarosa names. How will that work out in the end? Not good people, not good at all.

We should be protecting Mrs. Manigault-Newman from those in the White House who want her gone. We should be protecting Omarosa AND Jemele Hill. We should be defending Omarosa from those who want to take her out not increasing their chances of doing it. You wan tto bring the wrath, bring it for her so she can fight for us. With all due repsect to Ms Hill, she talks about sports everyday. Great work but hardly saving lives. Omarosa has the ear of the President why not talk to her. Because your cause is not righteous. It is a selfish cause pushed by a group simply wanting power for power’s sake not to help you. If they wanted to help you, they had eight years to do it. Did they? Only you can answer that question. I say protect Omarosa. She is a Black woman working. No different than any others, but much more power to influence.