The Root of it all 

I am going to talk to you about my frustration when I see black Americans vote and empower organizations that do not provide any support to the black community in fact it hurts the black community, yet we go into the polls and vote in that direction because it is the very foundation of most democratic issues and to vote any other direction is a travesty!

For the sake of time I am not going to discuss them all, what I am going to discuss is Planned Parenthood. Let me start by saying I am not standing in shame or judgment of those who have utilized the services of this organization. What I am going to do is provide insight into why this organization does not benefit the black community and give a solution to why defunding can become quite beneficial to our communities.

Let’s start with some history! Planned Parenthood was the brain child of Margaret Sanger before it was Planned Parenthood it was “the Negro Project”, founded in 1939 the purpose of the project was to slow down and/or reverse the population of black growth and ultimately eliminate the birth of black babies due to the notion of Negros or blacks being “feeble minded, genetically inferior and inclined to produce human weeds; reckless breeders spawning human beings who never should have been born”. During this time abortion was not legalized and can you imagine the fear of black woman during the 30’s and 40’s and their concerns around trusting this white woman who was doing speeches to the wives of the KKK. So how did she do it? She rounded up black preachers to support the cause and encourage women to trust her project saying that “slowing black birth rates were the key to our people’s future success and prosperity, and that women should have the right to choose whether their child should live or die. When in fact it is their bodies and in many cases women are impacted adversely when it comes to continuing education or working to help provide for their families”. Sound familiar?  As a result of abortion being legalized immediately following her death in 1966 there has been over 70 million abortions performed of which over 15 million were black babies, with blacks making up 13% of our population we make up 35% of abortions.

I encourage you to look into the Negro project on your own time as I move forward to adjust one more argument that seems to be the most common defense for this organization “Planned Parenthood is MORE than just abortions” And you’re right they provide mammograms, Pap test, STD services, and educational services; however, “80 percent of our patients receive services to prevent unintended pregnancy”. Taking into consideration that mammograms and pap test are not considered preventing unintended pregnancy it is safe to equate that 80% abortion services. So the other 20% are receiving services that are offered through any other health insurance plan whether Kaiser or Medicare. With Obamacare in place making it mandatory to have healthcare do we really need Planned Parenthood? of course because abortion is not covered by any healthcare plans other than Medicaid, which is only required to cover abortion in cases of rape, incest, or life endangerment. So my frustration tonight is not with abortion as much as it is trying to understand why we need the organization of Planned Parenthood?

The solution: I do not believe in presenting a problem without providing a solution! My solution... Defund them and take the $500 million of tax payers dollars that are going to this organization and divide it among organizations preferably black owned that are dedicated to the survival of our population such as African American Breast Cancer Alliance. Why is this important? Because black women have the highest mortality rate in the US due to being diagnosed at the youngest ages in the latest stage of cancer, or African American Planning Commission committed to working with the homeless and those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and mental illnesses, or Center for black women wellness. I could go on and on but the point is 20% of positive services offered by planned parenthood is found in these 3 organizations who fight every day for government grants yet we allow the government particularly liberal progressive to take our taxes and fund an organization that was created out of racism and hatred for our very own people… As Montoya always says… All I ask is that you think!