“Never hate your enemy. It clouds your judgement”-Michael Corleone

History tells us that in 1960, when Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested in Atlanta, Ga and the judge let everyone out of jail and sentenced MLK. Jr. to hard time in jail. Bobby Kennedy interceded and Dr. King was let out. Daddy King said he had never voted for a Catholic before and had earlier in the election signed a full page ad saying Baptist ministers would be voting for Richard Nixon-the Republican candidate for President. So in order to get justice for one man, Black voters were willing to vote in the same party as the KKK to elect Kennedy President. And in some razor thin returns in Eastern and Midwestern states the black vote was the difference.

Over the next 56 years, the black vote has gone almost 95 plus percent to Democrats. So in one generation, an entire voting bloc shifted to the other side based on the outreach to save one man in jail. This block has remained strongly and extremely loyal to this Party. Based on little else than that the other side is racist. But history tells us that those same black voters then were willing to vote in the same party as hateful racists to gain something. And to keep this bloc, the Party head was willing to sign historical legislation. Legislation that was signed by a racist no matter how much the civil rights establishment tries to white wash his legacy.

SO as we get to 2016 and Trump, we are seeing a complete reversal of this strategy that says you talk to power. We see middle class Black people marching with LGBTQ, Refugees, Illegal Immigrants, and any other group who is feeling marginalized and victimized.  But yet none of these groups had any interest in your concerns over the last 8 years. So what makes this happen? Why are people who would move their families into all white neighborhoods, throwing on hoodies and changing profile pictures to show solidarity with a young man who they would never let their daughter date? Why are middle class blacks who have multiple degrees and six figure jobs, who do business with “racists” everyday screaming and yelling about working with trump? Why would someone blast black people who meet with and /or work with trump to fix inner cities? The answer is very simple: Sales 101.

A recent post on Facebook stated that black conservatives were doing a poor job of selling trump to black people. Well, Sales 101 says that it is impossible to sell a book to a blind person. It is impossible to sell diapers to a woman with no kids. A message to a group who does not want it or feels it needs it will never work. Today the reason any message from the Black conservative supporting trump to the African American community is because it is a book being sold to the blind.

But the sales 101 that must go on is the question that asks “what if it works?”. Consider trump wants fix the inner city or else. So your pushback is to say “I reject you”. So here is a man who has done everything he ran on, you think he won’t roll in the feds in Chicago? And you are prepared to fight him by calling him names and calling names of those who support him and not have anything done to fix the inner city. SO in your mind, it is better to reject Trump and everything he proposes and not work with him instead of seeing what can be done. So you want the violence to continue. Or do you so closely define yourself as victims and tie your identity to the “struggle” that actually fixing something can be bad for your mental health. And please don’t answer with “I don’t believe him” because Daddy King could not have believed the Catholic and the Democrat and Bobby Kennedy could not have believed the racist Judge. 

sales 101