The New Black Republican

This is a Trumpian screed about how Black Republicans and conservatives are going to take the Democratic base from them. If you are triggered easily stop reading now. If you want to know what is about to go down, read on.

There is a new breed of Black Republican/Conservative. They are young. Brash, and about that money. They are in a deep love affair with their people. Auntie and em. Cousin Pookie, Mama, and everybody on the block. They don’t want to lose to history and they refuse to be judged as losers to history. Not another Black child will be lost to bad schools. Not another child will be lost to high crime rates or low job prospects. No, this group of young guns is going to go down swinging and will hit the ball out the park. They are coming for the Black Democratic base of voters. They are coming for the entrenched overseers of ghetto plantations. They are freeing the enslaved. You Democrats want to use language like this, so can we. You have been in office for decades and the children and grandchildren of Civil Rights heroes and sheroes are still fighting the same problems that their forebears fought. And don’t tell me that its white supremacy that’s doing it. It’s a failure of leadership, plain and simple. If someone says “vote for me and I will fix the problems that afflict us”. Well, if we have voted for them over a 40 year period and we are fighting the same problems then clearly they have not delivered on their promises. So, as with any failure of leadership and failure to fix problems, a vacuum is created and in swoops-Us.

A dedicated, smart, caring group of Black conservatives and Republicans who are going to fix the problems the way they see fit. And they have the political backing and the means to implement these necessary changes: Bad Schools-School choice, vouchers, and charters will be done. High Crime-police will be supported while programs to help those who want it will be available. We will not give millions of dollars to friendly black professional organizations that simply give it to other black professional non-profits. But not much ever gets to the inner, inner city. Lack of jobs- we will stop the flow of labor which makes competition tougher and increase training in Math, Science, and Technology. Simply put, we are coming for your base. We are going to take the Democratic base of voters from you like the Cali cartel took Miami from Pablo, quietly, in the dead of night. Your long, time allies will partner with us. Your business partners will partner with us. Your children will vote with us. You are finished killing our people for your own monetary gain and power. It's over. You all had your chance and you failed. Don’t fret, people fail all the time, but this time failure will mean death.

We are opening the cages. We are burning the fields. We are removing the Black “Simon Legrees” from their perch as overseers and we are doing it without prejudice.  So take heed as you read this. There is a changing of the guard and this time the guards will do their work-protect the people. Power to People and the black conservatives who love them. And to the Democratic party and their black sycophants and weak beta males and phony females, we say, “Bye Feicia”.