The Plight of Chrisette Michele

There is a fight we as Conservatives must wage right here and right now. For if we don’t the Left and their Fascist social media and traditional media masters will destroy lives and in the process great Art. I present to you the case of Ms. Chrisette Michele.

First a little background on Ms. Michelle. She is an R&B and Soul singer and songwriter. She has a beautiful voice and has never been mentioned as a participant in any “mess”. Mess is African American slang meaning that you have behaved in a manner that would make the average parent, Grandparent and/or family members and friends cringe in shame and bury their heads. It is bad behavior. Now at this point I must state that in 2017, bad behavior has totally become relative to the person and the amount of “likes” and/or shares they receive. However, Ms. Michele has never been caught up in any mess that would make the average person cringe.

This past Friday, Ms. Michele agreed to perform at the inauguration of President Donald Trump. And in true Mccarthyite fashion she was blasted by the media, and especially the African American community. She has been removed from a Netflix deal by none other than Spike Lee.  The same guy who has complained that Hollywood shunned him for his personal views and politics is now shunning someone for agreeing to answer when the duly elected President of the United States called and asked her to perform at the Inaurgural Ball. So I am making this plea to you all who know this is not right. I am not asking for a donation, or setting up a page. No, I am asking all conservatives to support great Art. Buy her album. Make our stand with her here and now. Let the Left know that WE the conservatives will not let anyone starve, or go hungry or miss a bill due to their beliefs. We will not allow anyone to dragged through the mud for a meeting. We will support everyone who supports us.

Now I don’t know who Ms. Michele voted for. I do know that when the President of The United States asked her to honor him at his Inauguration by performing, she did. She did her duty to country. We need to do our duty to her and buy her album and let the left know we will defend what is right and fight back. Gone are the days when we conservatives let accusations be hurled at us and not fight back. Gone are the days where we let our friends be hung out to dry. If the Left wants to turn their backs on people they disagree with, simply for supporting President Trump, then WE will support the person who supported him. Buy this album not to make a donation. Buy it because it will make you feel good because it’s a great album of love songs, songs of life and living. Buy it so you can play in the car and let your children know that you will defend them and their right to disagree or do what’s right and they will always be rewarded for doing what’s right. Buy it because we must start to fight back. We must make this our fight. We must defend the honor of Ms. Michele for she answered when called. Please answer her. Buy the album. Go to,, or Apple. You can also buy her older albums from Wal-Mart or Target. Make a stand-here and now.