tommy's perspective

If Trump's rise from polling at one point 1% in the Republican primary to eventually winning both  the Republican nomination and the general election was just an appetizer, then the reaction to his win is just the first course. 

The same people who spent over year  perched upon their moral high horses, looking down their noses at the unsophisticated masses of  'racists, uncle toms, misogynists and rape apologists', are now exhibiting the very same behavior that they spent over a year claiming was 'deplorable'. 

The Trump win was the first time all the 'cool kids' and 'mean girls' found out what most of the school really thinks about them: a bunch of narcissistic, self centered, self involved, self righteous, entitled, condescending, arrogant, spoiled brats.. And like all bullies, the the social justice bullies eventually ran into someone who couldn't be bullied. And hey took the loss  very personal. So personal that they cried. No, not metaphorically, they actually cried. And when people didn't want to cry with them, or simply just mocked them, they openly vowed to the world they would stay true to their mob mentality roots and reserve the right to have a public tantrum at a moments notice!  And at that moment,  reason and logic  officially left the room. (Well that's when it was 'official', they had all ready left months prior to the elections.)

Need proof? Trumps win represents everything the Occupy Wall Street movement was looking to accomplish.  Wasn't the 'outrage' at the time over the cronyism between Big Government and Big Banks and a complicit Corporate Media? Hillary Clinton embodied everything the the Occupy Movement was protesting against, yet somehow  they believe they  'lost'?   Unfortunately they are unable to recognize a 'win' as  this is the generation raised up on  the 'dodge ball is too violent'' mentality. This generation has been so bubble wrapped  and protected from even the slightest of offenses that they handle rejection of their ideology and wold view like a bi-polar 16 year old girl who just lost her first boyfriend. 

After Hall of Fame running back and activist, Jim Brown met with  Trump to discuss funding for his non-profit organization called Amer-I-Can,  he was bombarded with social media ridicule and the questioning of his 'blackness'. There were actual 'debates' (social media debates...but debates nonetheless) on whether JIM BROWN was a 'coon'!!  

This is called political immaturity and its time to grow up. Its time reclaim reason and logic and abandon this quasi-religious obsession with symbolic  'victories'. 
Had Jim Brown opted not to meet with Trump and instead chose to don  a "BLM" or "F*ck Donald Trump" t-shirt to a press conference in the name of some vague 'Stance Against Fascism',  he would have been lauded with Jessie Williams status. But  unfortunately it would have been just another in a long list  grand gestures of displeasure and anger that have produced nothing more than hashtags and headlines.