What's next 

Well, Donald J. Trump has won. The crying, the talks with your children, the group hugs, the anger, the vitriol, the name calling and the sore loser behavior should be subsiding. Now it is time to make a plan. And for the first time in a long time, everything is pointing to the opportunity for a plan to be made. A plan that can do more for the Black Community then any march, or protest. If you believe everything you think about Trump is true that he will not do anything for you and he will quite possibly harm you and your family then a fundamental question must be asked: what is your plan? Is it to march on Inauguration day for justice (been there, done that). Is your plan to organize at the grass roots level (to what purpose). Is your plan to organize politically for the mid terms in 2018 (you need a functioning opposition party to accomplish anything). So what is your plan? Not gripe, complaint, or mean mug but what is your plan? Well, we at shelleywynter.com are here to help with a 5 point plan:

Betsy Devos is head of the education department. She is a strong proponent of Charter schools and vouches. So it would do us good to begin putting together groups of neighbors, friends, fraternal orders, etc that can work on charter school applications. These apps are very detailed and time consuming so if we know that there is a strong possibility that charters will be a central part of this administration’s education reform, we can get ahead of the curve and start preparing now. Also, she is pro voucher. So private school start ups can be very beneficial at this time also. Since a child can attend a private or religious school with a voucher.
According to MarketWatch, every sector of the stock market should see an increase in value during Trump’s term. We just saw OPEC decrease production which will drive the price of oil per barrel up. This will return the Oil and Gas sector to some form of normalcy. It will also return the businesses locally who survive on oil and gas. This is just one sector however, the markets are excited and it would be a good thing to maybe shift some 401K monies to various sectors that were down and are now slated to rise. It is also a good time to start to form investment groups. Start a group with trusted friends. Start an Etrade account or Schwab account.  You can seek out a trusted Financial advisor who can handle trades for you and advise for growth. Put in equal amounts of money and plunk it down. It’s the Sou-Sou concept with bigger returns. Remember if you believe the country is filled with racists then you have no choice but to invest with each other.
Regulations will be at a minimum over the next 4 years. This favors the bold. Take this time to start a business. Look to non traditional areas such as: manufacturing, food distribution, retail and don’t overlook franchising. Franchising allows for lower risk ideas that have built in marketing spending.
Educational monies are going to be spent differently. It is an opportune time to look to starting consultancies, small box distributorships, transportation companies and food services. One of the many aspects of school reform is that contracts will be more accessible. So prepare yourself to play in this area. I believe former teachers and administrators should look to form consultancies that can manage and aid charters and private school start ups.
Criminal Justice Reform. Law and order advocates will be cracking down. Now you can scream and shout about stop and frisk. You can march and wave signs. But the most effective thing we can do is is fix our community so there is no need for any crack downs. Get involved in a non profit that works with young people. There are literally thousands in every major metro area, get involved. Find a mentee. Not a good kid who just needs guidance. No, find a problem child. A child who has been in and out of the justice system and mentor him. Even if a group of you has to mentor one child do it.

As a community, we have spent far too much time bitching about stuff that is about to happen. Let’s take this time, this moment in time to plan ahead. Not a plan that simply calls for more meetings, town halls and marches but a plan that calls for a little more input of energy and impact of positive results. We need to step up and look ahead not for what can be wrong or bad but look ahead to what is possible. God favors the Bold. Be Bold.