In 2006, The Village Voice called HUD (Housing and Urban Development) "New York City's worst landlord" and "the #1 worst in the United States" because of decrepit conditions of buildings. If you live or like me lived in New York City, then you know that Public Housing is NOT housing. It is prison for the poor and innocent. It was like this in the 70s when The Evans told us so. It was like this in the 80s when rap music matured out of the pain it fostered. It has never changed since the Agency was first created in 1965 by Lyndon Johnson as part of his Great Society programs. It was urban renewal that turned to neglect, high crime and bad schools.  There are housing projects for the poor in every major urban center and to a man, woman and family, these “projects” are unlivable. So since the agency was created in 1965 and a little above a trillion dollars have been spent by this agency, and we know the housing and its associated urban entities like schools and safety have gotten worse, then the question that has to be asked is which previous HUD secretary was actually ever qualified? A qualified candidate for a position means that you are or should be successful in that position. So if after 50 years, an agency whose mission is to provide affordable housing that is livable has not done that since its inception and things have gotten worse obviously none of the previous secretaries have been qualified.

Julian Castro is the current Secretary of HUD. He was Mayor of San Antonio. San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the US. It is also called Military City, USA which means it has a large government employee population. So what was Mr. Castro’s experience? Well, for a President who had a Hispanic population to thank, that was experience enough.

Dr. Ben Carson (the media tends to leave off that title) is a brain surgeon. That is the same as rocket scientist. Or nuclear physicist. In other words, this is a very smart person. He is famous for being the first person to separate conjoined twins at the head and both lived. Think about that. Dr. Carson took a scalpel to a set of twins’ brains and cut and they were able to live. Seems to me running an agency with a 48-49 billion dollar that has been a great failure for 51 years is right up the alley of a genius. The truth of the matter, geniuses are capable of doing a lot. Why don’t we stop insulting this really smart simply because we disagree with his politics.

Remember that is brain surgeon and  DOCTOR Ben Carson and why not him?

Why Not, Dr. Ben Carson?