Of all the announced mayoral candidates, Michael Sterling stands out as the one who does not fit in. No electoral experience, no base to speak of and no money relative to a city wide campaign. So why is he there? Was he put up to run to steal from Kwanzaa and Caesar? He takes younger voters and black voters from both in a race where literally every vote matters. And Black votes will matter more. So one has to believe that Sterling and to a lesser extent Bottoms are Reed’s way to keep Mitchell and Hall far away from City Hall. Now in a normal case this would be of little consequence, however, in a race with several white candidates who have what could only be called street cred-Norwood, and Woollard and both have money, then is Reed trying to be the last black mayor of Atlanta? It is hard to believe that a seasoned smart politician like Reed would see a one term, city council woman as a credible next candidate to his term. Unless of course, Bottoms represents a third term for Reed. But still it begs the question, what is Michael Sterling hoping to gain? He has no path to victory. All he does is steal votes from the other black candidates. 

Why is Michael Sterling running for mayor?