We begin by pointing out that Ike Turner forced Cake on Ms. Turner. Trump was not forced on us. He was duly elected through a process which elected President Barack Obama and did it 43 times before.

Mrs. Whitfield points out that Trump’s victory is akin to Black people being forced to eat cake. The illogic in this argument is that it presupposes that we have always gotten whom we wanted in elections past. And by extension it also say we have succeeded as people when we did. Now both cannot factually be furthest from the truth. As has been said in our community for decades- “I voted for the lesser of two evils”. (Except in 2008 and 2012).

It was not Trump’s “divisive racist, misogynistic and xenophobic” campaign that won it for him. It was the fact that his opponent was worse than he was. Misogynistic? Trump has so far has 6 women in his cabinet. An a woman was the first to run a successful presidential campaign. Yeah, I bet he hates women.

Racist? what did he say that was racist? Did he say “niggers are lazy, dumb and violent”. Find me the racist rhetoric.

Xenophobic? So protecting your borders, something every nation in the world does is xenophobic? And why would Black people want new labor to come into a nation that will compete with them at every level? As Rep. Barbara Jordan, a civil ights icon and fighter for black people once said “Credibility in immigration policy can be summed up in one sentence: those who should get in, get in; those who should be kept out, are kept out; and those who should not be here will be required to leave.” She was not Xenophobic.
Not sure why “the blacks” is considered so bad but if it is okay. But if someone is saying “Im going to fix the inner cities for the Blacks” then why is your focus on the “the blacks” part and not the fix the inner city part? “The blacks’ aint “the Niggers”. So why not focus on the fix part?
When I am with my male friends you would be surprised at what we say about women. No, seriously. And th fact that millions of women saw Trump’s comments about grabbing them as locker room talk and also more importantly knew that he was talking about celebrity and not as a practitioner of the art of grabbing it, should back you off of any criticism of him saying it. In other words, if women were not offended, then should I be.
Trump won not due to voter intimidation, or voter suppression, he won because your side ran a flawed candidate. Your side did not convince enough young, black, Hispanic or white women that Clinton was a good choice. Now you can say that is an example of racism, but I am a realist and realism dictate that if white men and white women who voted for the black guy TWICE then voted for the white guy. Then race played a very small part. Unless you are saying these racists just voted in 2016 but stayed home when they had chance to vote against the black guy TWICE. Very unlikely.
 SO my sister, Chandra Thomas Whitfield, here is a tip: When presented with a problem, if you look for the wrong reason why its problem then you will never fix the problem. If you honestly find out what the problem is, it is only then can you fix it. I have no problem with Trump as President. I have a problem with my people finding the wrong reasons for his being president. Because we are starting at a faulty position to begin with and can never be in a position to fix what ails us and trust and believe me: It aint Trump.

Why Trump Matters.
(An answer to Chandra Thomas Whitfield)