2016 was one hell of a year. The election, the deaths, the culture, everything was in flux. This year was in a word-tumultuous. But if there were a theme to this year it would be that the little man rose up and fought back. The little man fought back in the riots after police shootings. The little man fought back in the elections. The little man fought back in the World Series. All year long 2016 was the year of the little man. Let’s review.

The Elections: Many people who are not deemed “experts” by the “experts” said Trump would win. Many of us saw this as early as August 2015. We saw the anger in the streets from both “sides”-black and white. Many times during this election I spoke about the less than excited base of Hillary. It could have been seen by anyone willing to talk to young people in the shops, the coffee shops or the bars. Two conversations that really let me know what was going to happen was a chance meeting with two late 20 something men at BQE Restaurant. It was our debate watch party and I had arrived early and was sitting at the bar eating. Two brothers were at the bar and we started talking about the election. I informed them I was for Trump and one said he was for Gary Johnson and the other said he was not voting because “he was giving two bad choices”. Their arguments were clearly thought out and they were in agreement with me on one thing-Hillary sucked. Another incident happened in Augusta at the GOP state convention when while at a Georgia Minority Luncheon, I spoke to the bartender who was a Middle aged black man. When asked who he liked in the election, he looked to and fro, and whispered to me “Trump is telling the truth, I like that”. Three black men and none of them were voting for Hillary. And as it turned out, black men turned out for Trump in large numbers (relative to previous elections and percentage of republican votes). When I talked to women, I found that many thought Hillary to be what she was- a liar. As Tamron Hall once famously said on MSNBC, “I spoke to these young women and not one was excited by having the first female president”. This was telling to me and again as it turned out Trump won close to 50% of the female vote. So I saw this victory coming and any cursory look at my Facebook page will prove it. I called Barack Obama victory also. But who wants a guy on their media platform that knows what he is talking about when you can have uninformed, talking heads telling people incorrect information. (quick aside-Its why I had to create my own platform).

 Deaths: People die every year. Famous people die every year. More famous people will die in 2017 as our famous people are getting older. See people use to get famous for doing real famous stuff like hit records, great movies, athletic accomplishments etc. so has time goes on more “famous” people will die as they are getting older. So don’t fret 2016, understand that one year older 2017 will have chance at many more dying. And Death is not a time for sadness but a time for celebration. And lastly, people don’t die before their time, they die when they were supposed to die-their time.

Culture: The culture took a hit in 2016. It seems music has come full circle from a lyrically based form of expression: Blues, Gospel and Hip Hop to now songs with purposely unintelligible lyrics as marketing gimmick. Acts like Young Thug, and others are making records that mean nothing on purpose. Now I am not some old fart. I am a man who loves all forms of expression but it seems that modern Pop music (read Hip Hop) has become the Modern Art on the 80s and 90s where a toilet bowl with flowers in it was called “art” and sold for millions. In 2017, we must take back our culture. The way we do this is stop listening to the stations that play this madness. If you think Wal-Mart is the worse thing to happen to you and our people and will boycott them, then it stands to reason that you must boycott the stations that play BS to your kids. You can’t call a panel discussion to discuss police violence and violence in the community, only to come from break and play “Cut it” and you admit your target audience is 16-24.

Boycott: What happened to the secret, text only boycott of 2016? It died as soon as the next social media generated outrage occurred. I believe the boycott actually ended due to the increased focus on the election. But it says something about a population that can be so easily led from subject to subject. It also speaks to how this population can be led to believe in things that may not be in their best interest. So again in 2017, let’s boycott those who really hurt us: Radio stations that promote ignorance, Gangbangers and their music, failing schools, and politicians who will ask for our vote but ain’t been seen since last election. Why not boycott these things and leave the places that hire our people alone.

Hotep War: Obviously this just happened so its added to the list because well quite honestly because its symbolic of all that is wrong. Dr Umar Johnson versus Sater Seti. I never heard of seti before this so if his goal was more visibility than it worked for me. The bigger issue is the number of people (many of whom I have tremendous respect for) who really followed these brothers and believe what they say. This “movement” is a cross between 5 percenters, The Isis Papers and Egyptology. Its mish mash of truths and made up Bullshit. It’s a really low hanging fruit tree for those who need something to define their blackness when their own life experience is not enough. It’s a just released from prison type of double talk and faux “deep” thought. Whenever I listen to these types talk in some video, I am reminded of the great skit from “in Living Color” of the prisoner discussions: they were talking about something (having sex) but were using a mix of real and fake words. This entire “movement” is a mix of real study by real professors mixed with conspiracy theories and crazy talk. What makes it dangerous is the same thing that makes “Prosperity gospel” dangerous. When unleashed on a group of people who are looking for something to hold on to and lack any identity beyond “suffering” then it becomes a stifling consciousness. Like slavery, it stifles mental growth and a human need to move forward through invention, innovation and clear thinking. What you end up with is a group focused on the distant past for pride and focused on the recent past for grievance and their only discussion is how to combine both to move forward. Which is a failed plan for it never leaves the past in the past and it always posits that the past is future which for a scarred group is backward thinking. So let the hoteps war and kill off the entire community and let’s brand some new ideology like: The Troy Maxson Ideology-They don’t have to like you, just do right by you. (without the side chick’s baby).

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